Eztrader loses regulation because of scam?

Binary Options – EZTrader loses regulation

EZTrader is one of the largest and best-known binary options brokers in the world. They have had significant success by offering their services for the European market. But, its reliability is in question. The decision to invest money with this company is important, and traders should always search for detailed information on the pros and cons of working with this agency.

eztrader-2EZTrader has been Operating since 2008 and is regarded as one of the very first companies that allow traders to buy and sell online binary options. Their trading platform has been coined as one of the most popular around due to how easy it is to operate by newcomers. But still, EZTrader is still under judgment by potential traders because binary option broker scams are a common issue to consider. The larger part of the concerns that get raised and are focused on the reliability of binary options brokers like EZTrader because responsibility relies solely on the trader, and there is little chance to get any money back if the company happens to be a scam.

So how EZTrader compares to all other successful companies available? Actually, it does quite well. Besides being a financial institution fully regulated and supervised in the European Union, EZTrader has recently hosted the legendary Argentine soccer player Hernan Crespo his team of operators. The site offers EZTrader Education Center of right to help you learn trading strategies and become familiar with the binary options trading platform. Customers also get a generous bonus, and besides all that, they can benefit from the higher payments market that go about 95% per initial investment.

But what distinguishes EZTrader from to other agents are its personal advisers. When investing with EZTrader, traders will have access to highly professional investment specialists who are available to help their customers to learn how to make the best decisions to increase profitability in their operations. The company has built a great reputation by hiring these financial analysts, which is probably the main reason why traders can safely choose EZTrader as the conduit to successful experience in binary option trading.

There’s another concern which many customers consider when evaluating binary option brokers such as EZTrader. Since they are located in Cyprus, the factual lack of standard financial regulations that verify the operations of the broker creates some doubt in potential customers. Traders should remember that the binary options market is an Over-The-Counter (OTC) market. Because there is a certain difficulty of lawmaking regarding global financial market with such a high liquidity, there are no such thing as defined laws that manage to impose rules and possibility of appeal. Each sovereign country usually has their very own legislation regarding the functioning of broker companies operating within their jurisdiction.

Even though EZTrader is one of the oldest online binary option brokers, it it hasn’t been able to maintain a solid reputation, which is common for this type of enterprise. The broker has had several bad feedback about received payout ratios which may have been poor and of inconsistent quantity; this adds up to several faults in their customer support form of service. Been Win Global Markets (WGM) Services Ltd bought the company in 2011, so EZTrader has been able to show a significant improvement in their reputation and overall services. The new management managed to set the payout ratio in correspondence to the international standards. To most people, this now indicates that the new face of EZTrader has taken enough care of their faults to be able to please their clients’ complaints so they managed to be one of the oldest brokers in the market.

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